Pledge to Vote and Get Involved!

Our generation is the largest and most diverse group of potential voters in the country, with our own values, ideas and issues that we care about. We can let other people make decisions that impact our future, or we can vote this election and get a future that works for us.

Take our pledge to vote this November to receive text messages and email reminders with important information before election day. And let us know if you’re interested in volunteering, doing an internship, or applying for a job with us to help get out the youth vote!

By getting thousands of students to pledge to vote, we can show that young people are planning (and literally pledging!) to turn out in a big way, so people pay attention to us and our issues.

By signing this Pledge to Vote, I pledge to:

  • Register or update my registration
  • Vote by Election Day
  • Encourage family and friends to do the same!

By providing my contact information, I am consenting to have the Student PIRGs, and their affiliates contact me with information about this and future campaigns.